Khimar all in muslin for more lightness and fluidity.

Treat yourself to a sublime fall as well as incomparable lightness. Same design as for the classic flowy.

  • – Lined headband for optimal comfort in the head and ears
  • – 1 veil at the front sewn in so that there is no transparency
  • – 2 veils at the back
  • – Niqab option thanks to its 2 knotting strings located inside

For light colours we advise you to wear something underneath your khimar (hat, scarf, balaclava…) because depending on the colours and the light, our khimars can be slightly transparent.

We do our utmost to ensure that the colours in the photos are as close as possible to reality. However, the shades on photos can be slightly different due to the luminosity and the shooting.

Size guide:

T1 :
Length at the front : 90cm
Length at the back (1st layer) : 1m30
Length at the back (2nd layer) : 1m10

T2 :
Length at the front : 1m10
Length at the back (1st layer) : 1m50
Length at the back (2nd layer) : 1m30Treat

Weight N/A


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